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Just like any other part of a house, roofs have a limited lifespan. Most companies suggest that you schedule reroofing services once every 20 to 25 years in order to prevent costly home damage. If you suspect that it may be time to have your roof replaced, you should turn to SE Roofing and Construction.

We're a premier reroofing company in Tallahassee, FL and New Boston, TX with more than 24 years of experience. Call today to schedule your appointment.

3 signs you need a new roof

3 signs you need a new roof

Putting off needed reroofing services can lead to serious problems. You should call us right away if you've noticed:

  1. Signs of water damage in the attic
  2. Patches of shingles that are damaged or buckled
  3. Sagging spots on the roof
Because we do reroofing in both Tallahassee, FL and New Boston, TX, we hold ourselves to the most stringent of standards required by each state. Even though Texas doesn't mandate that roofers take certain extra steps which are required in Florida, we take them anyway.